Moon Landing Conspiracy

Different Moon landing conspiracy theories claim that some or all elements of the Apollo program and the associated Moon landings were hoaxes staged by NASA and members of other organizations. Various groups and individuals have made such conspiracy claims since the end of the Apollo program in 1975. The most notable claim is that the six manned landings (1969–1972) were faked and that the Apollo astronauts did not walk on the Moon. The conspiracy theorists (henceforth conspiracists) argue that NASA and others knowingly misled the public into believing the landings happened by manufacturing, destroying, or tampering with evidence; including photos, telemetry tapes, transmissions, rock samples, and even some key witnesses.

There is much third-party evidence for Apollo Moon landings and detailed rebuttals to the hoax claims,including photos taken by more recent spacecraft of the moon landing sites.However, polls taken in various locations have shown that between 6% and 20% of Americans surveyed believe that the manned landings were faked, rising to 28% in Russia.

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The first book about the subject, Bill Kaysing’s self-published We Never Went to the Moon: America’s Thirty Billion Dollar Swindle, was released in 1974, two years after the Apollo Moon flights had ended. The Flat Earth Society was one of the first organizations to accuse NASA of faking the landings, arguing that they were staged by Hollywood with Walt Disney sponsorship, based on a script by Arthur C. Clarke and directed by Stanley Kubrick. Folklorist Linda Degh suggests that writer-director Peter Hyams’s 1978 film Capricorn One, which depicts a hoaxed journey to Mars in a spacecraft that looks identical to the Apollo craft, may have given a boost to the hoax theory’s popularity in the post-Vietnam War era. She notes that this happened during the post-Watergate era, when American citizens were inclined to distrust official accounts. Degh writes: “The mass media catapult these half-truths into a kind of twilight zone where people can make their guesses sound as truths. Mass media have a terrible impact on people who lack guidance”. In A Man on the Moon, published in 1994, Andrew Chaikin mentions that at the time of Apollo 8’s lunar-orbit mission in December 1968, similar conspiracy ideas were already in circulation.

Claimed motives of the United States and NASA

Those who believe the landings were faked give several theories about the motives of NASA and the United States government. The three main theories are below.

The Space Race

The US government deemed it vital that it win the Space Race against the Soviet Union. Going to the Moon would be risky and expensive, as exemplified by John F. Kennedy famously stating that the United States chose to go because it was hard.

A main reason for the race to the Moon was the Cold War. Philip Plait states in Bad Astronomy that the Soviets—with their own competing Moon program and a formidable scientific community able to analyze NASA data—would have cried foul if the United States tried to fake a Moon landing, especially since their own program had failed. Proving a hoax would have been a huge propaganda win for the Soviets. Bart Sibrel responded, “the Soviets did not have the capability to track deep spacecraft until late in 1972, immediately after which, the last three Apollo missions were suddenly canceled.”

However, the Soviets had been sending unmanned spacecraft to the Moon since 1959, and “during 1962, deep space tracking facilities were introduced at IP-15 in Ussuriisk and IP-16 in Evpatoria, while Saturn communication stations were added to IP-3, 4 and 14”, the latter having a 100 million km range. The Soviet Union tracked the Apollo missions at the Space Transmissions Corps, which was “fully equipped with the latest intelligence-gathering and surveillance equipment”. Vasily Mishin, in an interview for the article “The Moon Programme That Faltered” (Spaceflight, March 1991, vol. 33, 2-3), describes how the Soviet Moon program dwindled after the Apollo landings.


It is claimed that NASA faked the landings to forgo humiliation and to ensure that it continued to get funding. NASA raised about US$30 billion to go to the Moon, and Bill Kaysing claims that this could have been used to “pay off” many people.[23] Since most conspiracists believe that sending men to the Moon was impossible at the time, they argue that landings had to be faked to fulfill President Kennedy’s 1961 promise: “achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth”.[16] Others have claimed that, with all the known and unknown hazards,[24] NASA would not have risked the public humiliation of astronauts crashing to their deaths on the lunar surface, broadcast on live TV.

Vietnam War

It is claimed that the landings helped the US government because they were a popular distraction from the Vietnam War; and so manned landings suddenly ended about the same time that the US ended its role in the Vietnam War.

 Moon Landing Hoax Claims

Main Categories of the Moon Landing Hoax claims

  • Number of people involved
  • Photograph and film oddities
  • Environment
  • Mechanical issues
  • Transmissions
  • Missing data:
    – Tapes
    – Blueprints
  • Technology
  • Deaths of NASA personnel
  • Stanley Kubrick involvement

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All Images Curtsey of NASA

A Small Selection of the Apollo Program Photos…
Can you spot any oddities?

Conspiracists devote much of their efforts to examining NASA photos. They point to oddities in photographs and films taken on the Moon. Photography experts (even those unrelated to NASA) answer that the oddities are what one would expect from a real Moon landing, and not what would happen with tweaked or studio imagery.


It seems the moving Rover does not leave any tracks behind (see close-ups below)…

No tracks before and after the wheel?

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  1. Michael says

    I’ve often wondered if we did make it to the moon once. There was a lost transmission of Neil Armstrong picked up by ham radio operators in Australia. Supposedly an alien ship was also on the moon and Neil was told not to return due to humans destructive nature. I wonder if the faked missions were a way to continue to look like we were making progress. We have not attempted to return to the moon since. Doesnt anyone find that odd? Also isnt there a magnetic field that makes it impossible to approach the lunar orbit with extreme friction?

  2. Neil says

    Photo above “No tracks before and after the wheel?” You can clearly see the deep footprints at the bottom of the photo from pushing the rover into position. You can also see the drag marks from dragging the rover to the left before the final position for the shot

  3. Mike Jones says

    How did apollo 13 not go spinning uncontrollably off into space when it suffered a huge oxygen tank explosion that blew off the side of the craft when the astronauts were asleep….. the command module never even changed course ha ha. in space with no gravity, when they use precise manoeuvring thrusters that only have to operate for a few seconds to move it around….

    Newtons law of physics, an object in motion etc…..


  4. Fallon says

    wonderful post, very informative. I ponder why the opposite experts of this sector do not understand this.
    You should continue your writing. I’m sure,
    you’ve a huge readers’ base already!

  5. says

    um, the fact that the radiation in space at the least not even considering the van allen belt would over expose any film of pictures taken. why do so many people not only ignore the van allen belt but excuse it as a non piece of information…. hello… van allen belt. do some dang research on it.

    • says

      “For those few misguided souls who still cling to the belief that the Moon landings never happened, examination of the results of five decades of LRRR experiments should evidence how delusional their rejection of the Moon landing really is.”

  6. bill heaney says

    The Van Allen Belt’s radiation would fry any living thing passing through it. No Soviet scientist believed they walked on the moon, and many have been freed to voice their opinions since the break up of the Union, and none has. NASA knows there is a controversy over the landing, and they could have ended by showing the foot prints of the astronauts on later moon studies, and they have not.

  7. Helen Parks says

    All the above reasons are correct
    HOWEVER – they DID land on the moon – knowing what was there and circumventing the public having that knowledge.
    There was no way they wanted the public to see what they already knew would be seen

    Creating a movie version was the simple way around the problem.
    On the other side of the moon are clearly seen mining operations and tracks of mining plant. Even what appears to be runes on boulders.
    An ex NACA (before its was NASA) employee whose job it was to collate the photographs had kept a large number of pertinent pictures. He wrote a book The Men In The Moon in around 1973 or so. A few years later he did become a Senator and I have been trying to find his name ever since I lent the book and never got it back.
    There are many instances of strange happenings regarding this moon we have – such as ringing like a gong for many long minutes after being experimented with.

    • Christopher Hassan says

      Do you know if there was a moon base according to the book? How could the government keep this secret. Could you shed more information than what you posted
      Thank you
      Chris Hassan

  8. says

    ..Right Marius,that is-as you see-also my opion-they ARE stupid enough to think it will work-like all their other Hollywod-stuff.They continously under-estimate us!! THAT is stupid too!!*

  9. says

    …”they” are infamous for making serious mistakes-like9/11-and Boston -bomb-and electing OBOMBER -twice,all false-flags un-veiled–when they can ONLY succeed in secret*

  10. says

    Is it a bit strange that there are no STARS at all on the pic.s? -we are told that there is no atmo-sphere to obscure the vision so it ought to be MUCH more clear than at Earth.In daytime on Earth we are unable to see the stars due to the light from the Sun–but it can NOT be too dark to see the STARS!The STARS are said to be blazing with light outside Eaths atmo-sphere-what is wrong here?

  11. Sarita says

    The strangest photograph is the one with a fluttering flag; moon has no atmosphere – no air resistance to counteract gravity – the flag should have fallen limp. A hoisted flag is a sure shot proof that the picture was taken at a place with an atmosphere – like our own dear Earth

    • Coutts says

      …Since the Moon has not air, there is close to 0 air resistance, any oscillation on the flag (i.e. when raising it and fixing it ) will result in harmonic vibration, as showing by the fluttering and it will not be stopped by air resistance. This will last for many minutes until gravity slows it down.

  12. killer says

    The one picture with the foot prints walking up to the rover. The bottom of the one crosshair is behind the rover as if it was added after. The crosshairs should all be even.. so is anything wrong? Yah, yah there is.

    • me says

      Best conspiration ever! A duble lie, NASA made this sheet to hide what they found out on moon and about the moon. They never returned, and dont give it to much importance anymore. After USA other country’s stoped on targeting the moon, why? Why wont countrys like Rusia, China, even Japan, or why dont Europe try ? They have rescources (financial or tehnological) to do it, if USA did it, so they cloud do. That because The Bastards learned that the Moon is not our land, we have interdiction to go there.

  13. Quahog King says

    The craft were too flimsy to make it for sure through the belt of rocks and radiation. The moon lander was powered by basically one thruster; how did the craft land and lift off later, without a tilt and tip-over problem? How did the astronauts take such great pictures from cameras mounted to their chests? Where in the pictures was evidence of the holes that should have been blasted onto the lunar surface as the lunar landers landed? I’ve read flimsy rebuttals to my various doubts on some sites. I’m not convinced. Just look at the lies that we’ve been told about JFK, MLK Jr., and Bobby. VietNam. Oklahoma City, and 9/11. Waco. Senator Wellstone. JFK Jr. The Underwear Bomber. The Bin Laden raid. Benazir Bhutto, murdered because she defied the BIG LIE. Why should the moon landings be the only thing they’ve told the truth about?

  14. magali says

    the best joke of the century-landing on the moon and also that they lost tapes hahaha,those suppose astronauts -shame on them

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