Amazing Illusions 2

Mask of Love

by Gianni Sarcone, Courtney Smith & Marie-Jo Waeber

Created by Gianni Sarcone, Courtney Smith and Marie-Jo Waeber, Venetian mask above holds an interesting secret! Have you noticed anything special in it? Observe carefully! Surprising number of people miss noticing that the main component of the mask is actually composed of two distinct faces – a man and a woman kissing one another. Apparently, once the viewer discerns two individual faces, his/her brain will flip between two possible interpretations of the mask, making the viewer perceive two faces or one face in alternation. This kind of illusion, where the viewer experiences two equally possible interchangeable stable states in perception, is called bistable illusion.  Image © 2011 Gianni Sarcone, Courtney Smith & Marie-Jo Waeber

More Amazing Illusions

Hidden Image

Almost as if there was no evidence of the hidden illusion it holds… But wait! What if you blurred your vision just for a second? Scroll the page up and dow or simply step few feet back from your monitor. Now what you see? It has to be magic, right? Just when you’re done, be sure to share his identity…

Coffer Illusion – How many circles?

© 2006 Anthony Norcia

First time viewers of this display invariably do not see the 16 circles segmented from the background. Rather, they see a series of rectangles that they frequently describe as “door panels”. The illusion pits segmentation cues against what appears to be a very strong prior to interpret the image as a series of 3-D structures “coffers” with closed boundaries. (A coffer is a decorative sunken panel.) It appears that the prior involves both closure and shape-from shading assumptions. The Coffer Illusion is a variation on Gianni Sarcone’s “Op Art illusion”.

Religious Vision

Stare at the four dots in the centre of the image for 1 minute, then look away at something white or bright, like a sheet of paper or an open window, then your religious vision will appear.

Rotating Rings Illusion

Look at the intersections between the rings. Notice how they start white, fade to black and then back to white.

When they are white, the 3 rings look like one chain linked set of rings that rotates as a whole.
HOWEVER, once the intersections turns grey/black, it suddenly appears that the 3 rings are sliding over one another and not rotating at all.
So in short: Looks like rotation when intersection is white, looks like sliding when black.

Who is hugging who?

Here’s another accidental optical illusion photo that’s been circulating our Facebook channel lately. Who is holding the newspaper and who is behind the couch?


  1. says

    This illusion can confuse you for a minute. Things would become clear when your mind start analyzing other inputs such as the hairy legs of the boy who is reading the news paper while his sis is hugging him from behind!

  2. Ruud says

    Great.Our mind is allways trying to explain for you ,what it see’s,to help you.Even when it wrong.The brain is a beautifull biocomputer but it is fallible ,luckily!

  3. Stephen Cornwall says

    I see a man seated sideways in a comfy chair with his legs over one arm of the chair while his back rests on the other arm of the chair, reading a publication. And a woman embracing him from behind while sitting on the arm of a sofa with her feet on the floor with her head as she’s leans in view from the right side of his face, checking out what he’s reading. Then again it looks pretty funny when one switches their heads, now there’s a seemingly large male head on a smaller female frame wearing a woman’s shirt, with feminine arms hugging a male body with a smaller female head.

  4. mosc says

    bet the girl is hugging the guy,, 4me,her left shoulder stretches unnaturally around the’s like she’s made of plastic over there

  5. JimT says

    Now, usually after I have purchased another computer, I note in my new Bookmarks, an AMAZING section, and this page has just been added to my Amazing Section!

    I expect there is a limited number of these sorts of things period; however, I would love to have pages and pages of such things!

    Always nice to find, and thank you so much!


  6. thomas mitchell says

    hi people,,i have been finding stones in oregon with this very image for over a decade,they appear to be very ancient and,because of the difficulty in seeing without studying have not found interest among scientists…a man and womans face as one face….the common theme in this previously unknown stone age art….best wishes,tom in oregon

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